Our Projects

We love to give back. 


It's so important to us that we make your world a better place that we often get involved with events projects with some of the most amazing charities.


We believe in acting with a global community spirit, and taking part in unique experiences that make us more aware of the full human experience.

We’re always keen to learn more, show empathy and take care of the world in which we live.


Do you want to know more about any of these fantastic initiatives?


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Open Kitchens is a national food solution that brings together restaurants & their communities to fund, produce & deliver free meals to those in need.

Free meals for those in need across the UK

Here are some numbers...


Kitchens opened


Free meals made


Total Raised


 Avg meal cost 


with Care International UK

We love the time of year when we get to work with Care International UK to help deliver their International Women’s Day March4Women events.


We’ve worked with them on marches down Whitehall, rallys in Trafalgar Square and concerts in Westminster Hall - all in the name of the advancement of global equality for women.


These events are for anyone and everyone who wants to see a more equal world. Everyone is welcome. And we love that! Can’t wait for 2021! 

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